Objectives and rules governing density of the postal network and minimum services of CTT - hearing of users and concessionaire Contributions to be sent by 28.07.2014.
02.07.2014 | 18:00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the universal service - updated information Updated FAQs on the universal service of electronic communications.
05.06.2014 | 17:56

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News and updates

Municipal fee for rights of way - acceptance of auditor selected by GoWireless ANACOM accepts auditor selected by GoWireless - Comércio de Equipamentos de Telecomunicações, Unipessoal.
22.07.2014 | 16:30

International Activity - updated information Updated information on the latest meetings that ANACOM has attended in BEREC, CENELEC, CEPT, ERGP, IRG, OECD, EU, ITU and R&TTE CA.
22.07.2014 | 14:35

Operators and providers - updated information Cancellation of registrations for provide companies of the electronic communications services.
17.07.2014 | 16:30

Markets 1 and 2 - notification to the European Commission ANACOM approves draft decision by determination of 04.07.2014.
17.07.2014 | 12:15

Obligations of DTT terrestrial coverage under consultation ANACOM submits draft decision on DTT to consultation - closes 07.08.2014.
17.07.2014 | 11:20

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  • Universal electronic communications service
  • Universal service provision contracts
  • 2nd edition of the 'ITUR' Manual
  • Calls to the '760' numbering range
  • 1st quarter 2014 statistics

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