ANACOM launches NET.mede

ANACOM has today made NET.mede available to the public, a new service that consumers can use to test the speed of their Internet connections. With NET.mede, Internet users can compare the actual speed obtained over their connection with the maximum speed contracted from their service provider. The test gives information about download and upload speeds and about the delay in the user's connection.

NET.mede also makes it possible to test traffic shaping - a mechanism used by operators to manage Internet traffic by applying restrictions to traffic and to contracted speeds. Just choose the protocol to be tested - BitTorrent and Flash Video - and check to see whether there is evidence of traffic shaping in the link.

It's also possible to view and export the results of the tests.

The tool can be accessed through www.netmede.pt or through ANACOM's Consumers' Website.

A video presentation of this tool is also available.


FAQ on NET.mede

Video on NET.mede