Electronic communications networks and services

The procedures to be complied with by interested parties as regards the beginning of the provision of electronic communications networks and services, as well as the related notification model and form, are already available, and must be submitted to ANACOM previously to the beginning of the activity. 

These documents - the notification model and corresponding form - may be filled in and sent via email to the address Email address. info@anacom.ptmailto:info@anacom.pt, which may be also used for asking questions on these or other matters, as an alternative to sending them by post to the headquarters of ANACOM (Avenida José Malhoa, no. 12, 1099-017 Lisbon). As regards the required documents, the electronic submission thereof does not exempt from the respective submission of a paper copy.

As provided for in Regicom (Law no. 5/2004, of 10 February), the provision of electronic communications networks or services is subject to the regime of general authorization, which consists in the compliance with the rules provided for the referred law and in regulations approved in implementation thereof, and it may not depend on any prior decision or act of the regulator, without prejudice to the limitations which result from the allocation of rights of use of frequencies and numbers.

However, Regicom provides (article 21) that it is incumbent upon the national regulatory authority - ANACOM - to define the correspondent procedures, the compliance of which is a necessary condition for the issue of the declaration that discriminates the related rights.

The procedures now published are aimed exclusively at entities that wish to initiate the provision of electronic communications networks or services after the entry into force of Regicom, and likewise, with the necessary adjustments, to requests presented under the previous legal framework which are still pending.