Information society

E-commerce, digital cash, online transactions, online banking - these and other terms are becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives; they refer to practices that characterise modern society. Since the appearance of the first computer networks, the launch of e-mail (1971), the emergence of the Web (1991), browsers (1993) and popular online services (1995), the Internet has changed the way thousands of people lead their personal and professional lives. In the economic sphere, the Internet has been transforming traditional relationships between buyers and sellers, offering new models of buying, selling and supplying services to customers.

In this context, ANACOM takes on a leading role with regard to e-commerce and information society services, having been designated as the central supervisory entity, with responsibilities in all areas covered by Decree-Law no. 7/2004, of 7 January, responding to complaints and requests for information, providing provisional settlement of disputes and registering intermediary networking service providers.