Advisory Council

/ Updated on 01.03.2007

The Advisory Council (AC) is a body for consultation, support and participation in the definition of the general guidelines for ANACOM, as set out in the terms of article 35 of its statutes

In accordance with article 37, it is incumbent on the Advisory Council to provide opinions on the following matters:

  • The general orientations of ANACOM's plan of activities and budget;
  • The annual report, as well as the report stipulated in article 51;
  • Universal service prices and rates;
  • The overall communications development strategy and its relationship to national participation in the global information society;
  • Any other matter that the ANACOM Board of Directors, on its own initiative or that of the Government, should submit for its consideration.

The Joint Ministerial Order no. 22636/2004 (Despacho n.º 22636/2004, of 5 November, approved the AC Chairman, Álvaro Dâmaso.