Special Committee on Emergency Communications (SC EMTEL)

/ Updated on 23.07.2008

The coordination of emergency communications is a growingly discussed subject, in view of the gradual need to integrate emergency communications systems and services into a sole solution. The fact that a large amount of the resources and equipment currently available correspond to systems that are independent and have no capacity to interconnect shows the need to create standards to make all developments and integrations possible.

In this sense, the Special Committee on Emergency Communications (SC EMTEL) was created with the purpose of giving an answer to the works of standardization of emergency communications through ETSI’s Technical Board and to create links to other standardization development bodies connected to SC EMTEL.

The working group collects information from the national regulatory authorities (NRA), the European Commission, final users, manufacturers, operators and electronic communications services providers, and produces documents that congregate technical and operational requirements that satisfy the needs of the several parties involved in a consensual way, and fostering the interoperability of services and systems.

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