/ Updated on 27.08.2014

To improve the user experience, ANACOM makes use of cookies; these are small text files that your browser stores on your computer. The cookies used by ANACOM's website only retain information related to the user's preferences and do not include personal data.

ANACOM uses cookies to provide its dynamic services, in order to simplify completion of the associated forms, and on other pages of the website, with the purpose of collecting information related to user interaction and general activity on ANACOM's website.

The cookies used by ANACOM are neither invasive nor harmful to the user. However, you may choose to accept, reject or delete cookies by adjusting the appropriate settings on your browser.

However, disabling cookies may prevent some of the website´s services from functioning correctly and may partially or totally affect the user's ability to navigate the website.

The table below details the cookies used and their purpose:

Cookie Name


Expiry (persistent or session)




This cookie is a session identifier provided by the application server. Used to identify a user who has initiated a session.



This cookie is used to register users of online services. It is generated after a user logs in; it is transmitted by https and is used for authentication on these services and dependent applications. This cookie stores the session identifier which uniquely identifies the current user. This information is generated on ANACOM's server and does not contain any personal data of the user or information about the user's device.


Google Analytics - Universal Analytics

2 years

Used to distinguish visits and visitors


Google Analytics

30 mins from set/update

Used to determine a new or repeat visit


Google Analytics

End of the session in a browser

Used to determine a new or repeat visit


Google Analytics - Universal Analytics

10 minutes

Control the order rate for Google Analytics.

Para obter mais informações sobre cookies e a respetiva utilização, sugerimos que consulte o seguinte link: All About Cookies