General Assembly 2008

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The XXIX General Assembly of URSI was held from 7 to 16 August 2008, in Chicago, United States of America.

Portugal was represented at the event by Luísa Mendes, Helena Prazeres and José Borrego (of ANACOM), Dr. António Topa of Instituto de Telecomunicações (researcher and author of one of the papers presented at the Assembly) and Dr. Pais Clemente, Universidade de Medicina do Porto (Chair of Commission K).

The scientific programme of the General Assembly, which was attended by about 1200 participants, included four lectures, ten tutorials, two poster sessions, oral sessions, which covered the range of topics of the ten scientific commissions, and a forum on ''Radio Science and Telecommunications''.


  • Microwave Imaging in Medicine, Promises and Future Challenges;
  • Pulsars, General Relativity, and Gravitational Waves;
  • Wireless Communications in 2020;
  • Seeing The Unseen: from Polarization-Sensitive Eyes to Biologically-Inspired Sensing and Imaging Science.


  • Commission A: From nanoscience to nanometrology and its impact on electrical metrology;
  • Commission B: Transmission-Line Metamaterials: Fundamentals and applications;
  • Commission C: Cooperative Communications;
  • Commission D: Silicon nanophotonics;
  • Commission E: Reverberation Chambers;
  • Commission F: Ground Penetrating Radar into Real World;
  • Commission G: Ionospheric Assimilation - Techniques and Performance;
  • Commission H: Wave Acceleration and Loss Processes at the Earth and planets;
  • Commission J : Phased Arrays in Radio Astronomy;
  • Commission K : Wireless Communication and Health: Epidemiology.

Forum Radio Science and Telecommunications

  • Cognitive Radio: Wireless systems in which the networks and/or the radio stations are sufficiently intelligent to provide and/or use (''grab'') radio resources flexibly and adaptively;
  • Ultra-wideband wireless systems: Systems employing ultra large bandwidth and/or signals of ultra low spectral density; their unique features, potential and weaknesses;
  • Interference Management: novel methods to protect communication and remote sensing system integrity and regulate spectrum usage in a dynamic and flexible manner, while catering for ultra-wideband and intelligent radio systems;
  • Health aspects of the proliferation of wireless communications in a deregulated arena.

Papers presented by the Portuguese Committee of URSI

  • Harmful interferences to aeronautical radio communications arising from passive intermodulation - J.P. Borrego, ICP-ANACOM, Portugal; N.B. Carvalho, Instituto de Telecomunicações/Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal;
  • The effect of dispersion in omega nonradiative dielectric waveguide - A.L. Topa, C.R. Paiva, A.M. Barbosa, Instituto Superior Técnico/Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal.

During the General Assembly, elections were held to URSI's ''Board of Officers'' and the chairs and deputy chairs of the scientific commissions for the three years 2009-2011.

The theme selected for the period 2005/08, and for the White Paper, was ''Wireless Communication and Health'', which will be prepared by the Commission. However, the White Paper is still in its preparation phase because it is awaiting a special European epidemiological publication on this subject that needs to be examined.  Subsequently, the White Paper will be submitted for review by the National Committees and the "Board", before being made available to the general public.

For the three years 2009/11 the theme identified in this General Assembly is ''Remote Sensing''.

The XXX URSI General Assembly will be held in Istanbul in August 2011.

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