4. Glossary of Terms

/ Updated on 03.02.2002
The terms and abbreviations used in the above lists have the following meanings:

4.1 General

Mode of operation:

. simplex: operation method in which transmission is made possible alternately in each direction of a telecommunication channel, via use of one or two frequencies;

. duplex: operation method in which transmission is possible simultaneously in both directions of a telecommunications channel, via use of two frequencies;

. semi-duplex: A method which is simplex operation at one end of the circuit and duplex operation at the other, via use of two frequencies.

Type of use:

. Shared: use of a channel/frequency by more than one entity;

. exclusive: use of a channel/frequency by a single entity.

Scope of use:

. n - national scope: use of a channel/frequency at the level of the national territory;

. g - specific geographic zone: use of a channel/frequency in a specific and well defined area, via radiocommunications stations such as fixed stations, broadcasting stations and earth stations.