Relations with Macau go back to 1988 and to the conclusion of a cooperation protocol aimed at dealing with a set of issues including those related to international relations, traditional postal services, and new post and telecommunications services.

Subsequently, in August 1991, a new protocol of mutual cooperation was signed, which covered, among other things, issues of international relations, telecommunications, exchanges and the provision of other services, whereas until 1998, as a member of the ITU, Portugal assumed responsibility for the obligations arising from the key documents of the organization in relation to the geographical area corresponding to the territory of Macau.

Given the strong Chinese presence in Africa, with an investment strategy which is already evident in some PALOP countries, there could be grounds for the future monitoring of the activity of the ''Macau Forum'', since Macau proposes ''to continue to actively play a central role in strengthening economic and trade cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries'', which may have an impact on the communications sector.