EMERG - Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group

The Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG) was officially established on 1 July 2008 in Malta. It encompasses representatives of electronic communications sector regulators from the Mediterranean region, specifically members from the Independent Regulators Group (IRG), North Africa and the Middle East. ANACOM took part in the first plenary meeting (June, in Malta) as a founder member of EMERG, with a view to fostering involvement in initiatives seeking closer Euro-Mediterranean co-operation.

This network, based on the ideas and principles of Euro-Mediterranean co-operation developed since 1995 in the framework of the Barcelona process and European neighbourhood policy, aims to share experiences and ensure better consolidation and harmonisation of regulatory principles. Besides those objectives, EMERG co-operation recognises the existence of similar challenges and opportunities which through a common approach may encourage competition and stability in electronic communication markets, the development of new technologies and the overcoming of the digital divide, thus making information society benefits available to all.

The Presidency of EMERG is held by one of its member states for a one-year period. ANACOM assumed this position in 2013 and 2021.

Further information:

  • EMERG http://www.emergonline.org/