The Activities Report is published by ICP-ANACOM on an annual basis, whereas it is incumbent upon the Advisory Council - pursuant to Article 37 of the annex to Decree-Law no. 309/2001 of 7 December - to provide an opinion on the report.

This present document describes the main activities undertaken during 2008 and is structured as follows:

Chapter 1 refers to the main regulatory measures taken in respect of electronic communications and postal services, both in terms of pricing and conditions of provision, and in terms of analysis of markets, universal service and numbering, portability and pre-selection, as well as regulatory decisions involving the radio spectrum, specifically frequency usage rights and radio licensing.

Chapter 2 covers supervision activities:

i) monitoring, which includes the actions undertaken in respect of the quality of the services provided by the operators and providers of electronic communications and postal services, monitoring and control of the radio spectrum and in addition, other activities whose oversight in 2008 was particularly relevant, as was the case of the oversight of enforcement of Regulation (EC) no 717/2007 of 27 June 2007 on roaming on public mobile networks; ii) the monitoring of developments in wholesale and retail prices with respect to portability and of the obligations established under the Portability Regulation to provide consumers with information; ii) the resolution of conflicts between operators; iv) inspection and enforcement activities with respect to electronic communications, postal services, the equipment market and telecommunications infrastructure in buildings (ITED), iv) litigation and breach proceedings.

Chapter 3 describes ICP-ANACOM's international activities, in 3 separate parts: i) in representation of the Portuguese State, whereby ICP-ANACOM is mandated to represent the Portuguese state in line with its remit with respect to the communications sector; ii) in the performance of its duties and powers, ICP-ANACOM participates in international and community  fora, in particular with regard to the necessary development and implementation of market regulation measures; and iii) in cooperation with its counterparts, especially with Portuguese speaking African Countries (PALOP) - Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe - as well as Brazil and East Timor.

Chapter 4 sets out the activities of institutional communication, the handling of requests about the market and the activities of the Public Attendance Service of this authority, presenting some information on the publications released annually by this Authority, as well as details of events in which it participated, sponsorships and publicity and institutional partnerships.

Chapter 5 addresses standardisation, technical and laboratory activities undertaken in 2008.

Chapter 6 covers  a wide range of activities, especially those undertaken with respect to emergency communications and communications security, the provision of advice to the government and cooperation with other Authorities and sector Regulators.

Other activities are also described which merit mention due to their importance, such as the approval of a new fees model applicable to electronic communications and postal service operators, and this Authority's participation in the SIMPLEX programme.