Market analyses

In the context of electronic communications and in terms of the definition and analysis of electronic communications markets and regulatory controls at national level, 2008 was marked by the implications arising from the implementation of the structural separation of PT Multimédia - Serviços de Telecomunicações e Multimédia, SGPS, S.A. (PTM, now ZON Multimédia - Serviços de Telecomunicações e Multimédia, SGPS, S.A.) and Portugal Telecom, SGPS, S.A. (Portugal Telecom), through the spin-off of PTM, and from the EC's approval of Recommendation 2007/879/EC of 17 December on relevant product and service markets within the electronic communications sector susceptible to ex ante regulation - events which occurred at the end of the prior year.

In this context, in 2008, ICP-ANACOM adopted its position on the consequences of the spin-off of PTM and its impact in terms of analysis of the market and obligations arising therefrom. It conducted the entire process of analysis and notification to the EC, pursuant to Article 7 of the Framework Directive, with regard to the relevant markets 4 and 5 as identified in the EC Recommendation on relevant markets (Recommendation 2007/879/EC of 17 December 2007) - market for supply of wholesale network infrastructure access (physical) at a fixed location and market for supply of wholesale broadband access.

With respect to the relevant markets identified in the previous version of the EC Recommendation on relevant markets (Recommendation 2003/11/EC of 11 February 2003), a final decision was adopted on market 16 (market for voice call termination on individual mobile networks) on the specification of the obligation of price control. With regard to market 15 (the market for access and call origination on public mobile telephone networks), and following the work developed in 2007, ICP-ANACOM decided to urge operators holding rights to use frequencies for the provision of the publicly available mobile telephone service to adjust the prices of call origination and billing and collection on their networks, while at the same time monitoring the evolution of the entry into market of the first mobile virtual network operators (MVNO).