Study on the corporate consumption of postal services

Taking into account that companies are the major originators of postal traffic, a study was made on the corporate consumption of postal services. The results of the study were presented publicly and published on ICP-ANACOM's website in May 2008. This study, organised by ICP-ANACOM and awarded to the consultancy firm KPMG Advisory, was based on a quantitative survey conducted using a sample of 1,119 companies and a qualitative survey based on interviews with the leading senders of post.

Among the main conclusions of the study, the following are key: i) a view that the use of postal services will be maintained or grow; ii) for companies price is not the most relevant of criteria in the selection of an operator; iii) the vast majority of Portuguese companies are in favour of liberalisation, despite a lack of awareness about the gradual liberalisation process; and iv) CTT continues to lead in all services in the corporate sector.