To improve the regulator's efficiency and performance capacity - Objective 3

The various activities developed in pursuit of the objective ''to improve the regulator's efficiency and performance capacity'' and those also related to cross-organisation internal practice and management are described and detailed in the Activities Report and are not covered in this report.

This section includes the actions related to audits and cost models and actions of market supervision, monitoring and penalties which contribute to the enforcement of the decisions taken in respect of market regulation, assuring their effectiveness and enhancing the regulator’s performance capacity. There are also references to the development in 2009, of the processes of administrative litigation and dispute resolution.

Likewise, contributing to better knowledge of the market and better quality and reasoning of regulatory decisions, the various studies promoted by this Authority are also referenced in this section, concluding with an indication of a number of measures to promote efficiency and streamlined procedures and to implement the new fee system established at the end of 2008.