To participate in the development of the EU internal market by improving the internal performance - Objective 4

Among the regulatory objectives pursued by the NRA, established within the Community framework for electronic communications and transposed into national legislation, and at the same level as promoting competition and assuring the interests of citizens, reference is made to the contribution to the development of the internal market and, in particular, to work with the EC and the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) to ensure the development of consistent regulatory practice and consistent application of the EU regulatory framework.

Therefore, the analyses of markets and the ensuing obligations are increasingly subjected to the scrutiny of extra-national bodies, while there is a clear move towards the harmonization of regulatory practices, both in the form of common positions of the regulators group (until 2009, the ERG and, with the revised framework, BEREC) and according to EC Recommendations or even EU Regulations (as in international roaming).

Moreover, in the postal sector, it should be noted that preparatory works for the transposition of the Directive liberalizing this market into the national law of Member States has resulted in a growing levels of cooperation and exchange of views and experiences.

In this context, the ongoing and active involvement of ICP-ANACOM in the various Community bodies became determinant to ensure the defence and recognition of regulatory practices considered more appropriate and suited to national specifications. This participation naturally involves an additional level in the management of resources, which increasingly and in combination with the internal tasks are impacting this activity, becoming increasingly part of the daily activity of the organization.

Although naturally ICP-ANACOM’s intervention is focused on European institutions and community organizations, brief reference should be made to participation in other international organizations regarding activities that in some way affect or influence the developments of the regulatory activity of the sectors of electronic communications and postal services.