For better choices and better use ... Get informed

All users of communications products and services have a right to complete and detailed information. Upholding this right is a key part of ANACOM’s mission as Portugal’s communications regulator.

This guide has been produced to help users with special needs.  It includes information on fixed telephone, mobile telephone and Internet services currently available in Portugal and the associated equipment and features which have been especially adapted, as well as more general features which may be of particular interest to users with special needs.

In this guide you will find useful information on:

  • fixed telephone, mobile telephone and Internet equipment, features and services;
  • details of information and customer support services, on billing and telephone directories;
  • special pricing.

This guide will help you make a better choice when it comes to choosing between products and will ensure that you can make proper and full use of the services and equipment available.

The communications market is constantly developing. Therefore, you should always check the validity of the information in this Guide by contacting your provider directly, using their customer helplines or through their websites 1. Providers can make sure you have the latest information, including information on products and services developed since the publication of this guide and information on sales outlets.

We also recommend that you check the list of communications equipment especially adapted for use by people with special needs.  This list can be found in the Catálogo Nacional das Ajudas Técnicas (National Technical Assistance Catalogue) 2.


For ease of use, this Guide presents the different equipment and services available on the market according to their usefulness in terms of the specific needs which they fulfil most directly.

For a more comprehensive view of existing products and services, we recommend that you read the entire guide.

1 The contact details of the different providers of electronic communications service can be found at the end of this guide.
2 Available at Catálogo Nacional de Ajudas Técnicas