Degree of implementation of strategic actions

At this point, the intention is to present the level of implementation of actions outlined in ICP-ANACOM's 2010-2012 management plan for the defined strategic objectives.

Of the 74 actions set out in the management plan, ICP-ANACOM has fully executed the activities planned for objectives 4 and 5 (participate in the development of the EU internal market by improving the internal performance and promote institutional and technical cooperation, respectively), with plans for the other objectives largely accomplished - to promote open and competitive markets, to assure and protect the rights of users and citizens in general and to improve the regulator's efficiency and performance capacity.

In total, the execution rate of the strategic actions during 2010 was around 74%.

However, in many cases where it was not possible to execute planned actions, this fact was due to reasons beyond ICP-ANACOM’s control.

There was also an important set of strategic actions which were not included in the year's plan, but which ICP-ANACOM concluded in 2010, including:

  • development of studies and preparation of the draft decision on the net cost of universal service;
  • development and delivery to the Government of the tender specifications for the designation of the USP(s);
  • conclusion of the process to reformulate reference offers associated with market 4 (RUO and RDAO);
  • launch of the public consultation on the numbering of nomadic VoIP services;
  • definition of the cost of capital (Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)) of PT Comunicações, S. A. (PTC);
  • preparation of the auction for broadband wireless access (BWA);
  • assisting the Government in the tender procedures for NGA in rural areas and monitoring of the five tenders.