Institutional communication and image

This section looks at the various actions undertaken by ICP-ANACOM in terms of communication and institutional image, whereby it has sought to convey clear, relevant and useful information to consumers and to the market in general.

In terms of ICP-ANACOM's own communication activities, a summary is given of the most relevant actions carried out with regard to its Internet presence and with regard to Spectru, this Authority's monthly newsletter.

ICP-ANACOM engaged in a range of activities in this area during 2010, seeking to maintain and strengthen an institutional image which conveys credibility and impartiality, but which is also dynamic and current, setting out the values and characteristics that guide its work. Its intervention is guided by the ultimate goal of upholding the interests of citizens in general and of users of communications services in particular.

In January 2010, ICP-ANACOM adopted a new image as part of a drive for innovation and modernisation, and launched it on the market. This revamp of its identity has given ICP-ANACOM a more up-to-date image that is in line with its quest for innovation. Meanwhile, the slogan of ICP-ANACOM's brand "Free flowing communication" is maintained as the great driver of ICP-ANACOM's ambition and motivation.