Given the situation reported in section 2, and with respect to indicators of quality of service produced (and reported) by PTC and by the offer beneficiaries, it was concluded that it is necessary to ensure that the information provided according to the quality of service indicators reflects the situation as perceived by end-users, in particular as regards end-user perception of quality of service.

These findings are all the more evident when differences persist about the levels of quality of service actually delivered, differences which so far have been resolved voluntarily by the operators concerned.

Accordingly, there are now grounds for ICP-ANACOM to intervene, which intervention should be transversal as to all wholesale offers, since the clarifications and procedures in question are general and are applicable regardless of the offer in question.

In this context, it is important to clearly define the procedures to be followed in measuring the times taken in the delivery of various services and as regards the information provided for under the wholesale offers, so that the measurement criteria and methods employed by PTC and by the various offer beneficiaries are aligned. Additionally, the wholesale offers should provide clear definition of situations which may give rise to questions and to the adoption of different approaches by PTC and offer beneficiaries in measuring and calculating indicators.

This analysis was performed taking into consideration the recommendations of PwC and the concerns expressed by the operators as identified above, as well as the best practices of the various wholesale offers of PTC and procedures agreed on the margins of the wholesale offers.