Customer pending periods

There may be customer pending periods other than as observed in D 4, for reasons not attributable to PTC, which justify the suspension of the measurement of fault repair times.

For example, to take into account any constraints that may exist on the part of the beneficiary in the scheduling of intervention, it is necessary to introduce the "customer pending" concept, which corresponds to periods of time attributable to the end-customer or beneficiary and which should not be considered for the purposes of measuring repair times.

In this case, the customer-pending period corresponds to the time elapsing from the instant that the "date/time that fault is reported" and "date/time scheduled for repair" where repairs are scheduled on a later date/time on the beneficiary's initiative. Additionally, where, possibly due to lack of human resources, the beneficiary does not accept the first date/time of intervention proposed by PTC, the time between that date/time and date/time agreed shall be counted as a customer-pending period. Customer pending periods can also occur when PTC technicians need to visit the end-user's premises and, for reasons solely attributable to the end-user, are unable to perform the work required.

D 5. Between the instant of commencing measurement of the fault repair time and its closure, other customer-pending periods may occur, the criteria for which periods are to be clearly defined in the offer and consideration of which is to be reported, on a case-by-case basis, to the beneficiary.