Situation status

As regards the effect of seasonality in certain exchange areas, there are found to be common faults (affecting multiple loops in the same cable) and resolution times that, in certain specific situations and according to available information, are too long and clearly exceed the established targets. For example, if the time to repair faults is 10 hours for 95 per cent of cases, in the above case, there is a fault with a duration of 20 hours, even though this fault may be included within the 5 percent of worst cases.

To better control these cases:

D 8. PTC shall inform beneficiaries without delay when faults occur which affect multiple accesses on the same cable, and, in respect of these faults or those which exceed the targets established for maximum repair times, shall provide the beneficiary with daily updates of the situation, indicating the actions being undertaken and the (updated) target date for resolution. PTC shall also inform ICP-ANACOM, within 50 working days following notification of the final decision, as to its assessment on the development of a common fault reporting system.