Evaluation of indicators and payment of compensation for non-compliance

Notwithstanding that compensation will be calculated and processed every six months, the indicators are to be assessed on a quarterly basis.

This means that in a given six-month period, the indicators and the respective compensation for non-fulfilment of targets should be calculated for each of the two quarters of the six-month period.

D 9. For the purposes of calculating compensation, the indicators are to be measured taking into account the time period established under the respective indicator.

To enable beneficiaries to replicate the respective compensation calculations and minimize the number of interactions with PTC, it is considered that PTC must provide beneficiaries with details of the universe of faults underlying their analyses, to ensure the transparency of their offers and their efficient functioning.

D 10. PTC shall submit to beneficiaries details of the universe of faults taken into account in the analysis of indicators for the purposes of calculating compensation.