Radio spectrum

Set of frequencies associated with radio waves.

Electromagnetic waves

Waves characterised by variations in electric and magnetic field.

Radio waves or hertzian waves

Electromagnetic waves of frequencies arbitrarily lower than 3,000 GHz, propagated in space without artificial guide.


Telecommunication performed through radio waves.

Radiocommunication service

Service involving the transmission, emission and/or reception of radio waves for specific telecommunication purposes.

Coast station

Land station in the maritime mobile service.

On-board communication station

Low-powered mobile station in the maritime mobile service intended for use for internal communications on board a ship, or between a ship and its lifeboats and life-rafts during lifeboats drills or operations, or for communications within a group of vessels being towed or pushed, as well as for line handling and mooring instructions.

Survival craft station

A mobile station in the maritime mobile service or aeronautical mobile service intended solely for survival purposes and located on any lifeboat, life-raft or other survival equipment.

Ship station

A mobile station in the maritime mobile service located on board a vessel which is not permanently moored, other than a survival craft station.

Emergency position-indicating radiobeacons

A station in the mobile service the emissions of which are intended to facilitate search and rescue operations.