Digital terrestrial television

Within the scope of its MCE - Monitorização e Controlo do Espectro (Spectrum Monitoring and Control) work, ANACOM responds to complaints about interference, conducting on-site inspections and permanently monitoring the Digital terrestrial television (DTT) network. A video available on this website illustrates ANACOM’s work in this area.

  • If you have any problems receiving the DTT signal, check that:
    you are in an area with terrestrial coverage;
  • there are no faults in the installation of the aerials or decoders; if necessary check with the assistance of a qualified technician.

If difficulties persist, you may request the ANACOM’s support, preferably by contacting the respective CMCE - Centro de Monitorização e Controlo do Espectro (Spectrum Monitoring and Control Centre), according to the operating area.

Through a network of DTT monitoring, made up of 386 probes distributed nationwide, ANACOM monitors the quality of the digital television signal, every day, 24 hours a day.

This network was installed to collect data on various indicators and technical parameters which allow conclusions to be drawn about DTT coverage available in different locations.

With this technological solution, operating autonomously and by remote access, ANACOM now has comprehensive, real-time data that allows it to identify problems, diagnose anomalies in a proper and timely manner, and so contribute to the improvement of the service available to end-users.