Portability Validation Code

The portability validation code (PVC) is a 12-digit code that allows operators to identify their subscribers and their number(s) for the purposes of portability, and is therefore used to validate portability requests electronically communicated between operators.

The PVC aims to simplify the portability process and reduce the number of refusals of electronic portability requests, due to operator lack of subscriber identification data.

Since 11 May 2019, interested parties should indicate their PVC to the new operator whenever they request the portability of their number. As a result, operators are already communicating this PVC to their subscribers.

No activation or confirmation is required after receiving this code. You should just keep it, since you will need it if you ask for portability. But do not worry because at any time you can consult or request the PVC from your current operator through:

  • monthly invoices issued, in the case of post-paid services;
  • the customer's reserved area, available on the operator’s website;
  • face-to-face contact, telephone call or SMS sent from the number to which the PVC corresponds.

Depending on the option of the operator, there may be a PVC for each of your numbers or a PVC associated with all the numbers of the same contract (e.g. bundled service offering).