Space Activities

/ Updated on 23.08.2019

ANACOM assumes the powers and responsibilities of the Space Authority, on a temporary basis, under Decree-Law no. 16/2019, of 22 January.

This legislation, which established the legal regime governing access to and exercise of space activities, sets out an innovative legal framework designed to facilitate the development of space activities, products and services in Portugal, attracting companies and added-value, knowledge-based operations, and stimulating research and development in this area.

The Regulation on the access and exercise of space activities, adopted on 18 July 2019, aims to ensure the optimisation of resources and the simplification, speed and effectiveness of procedures relating to space activities, so as to minimise the administrative burden on businesses and to facilitate access for the largest number of operators interested in the exercise of space activities in Portugal, while at the same time placing high demands on the safeguarding of security, damage prevention and reducing the environmental impact of such activities.

The Regulation establishes the following:

  • the procedure for granting and assessing the criteria for licences for launch and/or return operations and for command and control operations;
  • the procedure for the award of prequalification certificates for exercising space activities;
  • the details to be registered with the Space Authority concerning space objects;
  • the requirements to be observed and information to be provided within the scope of the transfer of ownership of space objects.

The arrangements for access to and exercise of space activities shall enter into force on the day after the publication of the Regulation in the Official Journal of Portugal.

See decisions, and national and international legislation on space activities.


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