ICP - Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal (1981 - 2001) - Origins

/ Updated on 08.01.2007

The ICP - Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal was created in 1981 as the regulatory body of the communications sector, reporting to the minister responsible for this sector.

ICP started its activity in 1989 as a public institute with administrative and financial autonomy, with the purpose of:

  • providing support to the government in the coordination, tutelage, and planning of the communications sector,
  • representing the sector,
  • managing the radioelectrical spectrum.

Guided by an integrated view of the development of communications in Portugal, ICP was responsible for fulfilling three major tasks:

Government Advisement, in the fields of communications policy measures, preparations of legislation and technical opinions, representation of the Portuguese State at international organizations and international cooperation;

Market Regulation, in the fields of sector organizations, granting and supervising licences and authorizations, price agreements, frequency consignment, quality control, conciliation procedures, and consumer protection;

Technical Assignment, in the management of the radio-electric spectrum, inspection, certifications and conformity assessment of communications equipment.