Although these principles are of greater significance regarding the numbers of the National Telecommunications Numbering Plan, the same generic principles can be applied to all types of "numbers", "names" or "addresses" whose assignment, administration or notification to international regulatory authorities is the responsibility of the ICP.

Notwithstanding other resources over which the ICP has jurisdiction, these are the following:

  • numbers and codes of the National Telecommunications Numbering Plan (ITU-T Recommendation E.164);

  • codes for identification of data networks or DNICs (ITU-T Recommendation X.121);

  • codes for identification of national/international network signalling point codes or NSPCs/ISPCs (ITU-T Recommendation Q.708);

  • names of administrative management domains or ADMDs (ITU-T Recommendation X.400);

  • mobile network codes or MNCs (ITU-T Recommendation E.212);

  • identification numbers for international telecommunications card issuers or IINs (ITU-T Recommendation E.118);

  • telex network identification and destinations codes (ITU-T Recommendations F.68 and F.69).