Cape Verde

/ Updated on 13.02.2019

The first protocol between ANACOM and Direção Geral das Comunicações de Cabo Verde was signed In 1993, with a view to institutional cooperation in telecommunications and postal services. This protocol was renewed and adapted in 2008 with the then Agência Nacional de Comunicaçõesy (ANAC), and was reformulated in 2014.

After the Government of Cabo Verde set up Agência Reguladora Multissectorial da Economia (ARME) in 2018, as the authority regulating the communications sector, there was a renewed interest in maintaining and building upon the historical ties of cooperation, ensuring the development of sector promotion with a focus on the digital economy. To this end, a cooperation protocol was concluded between ANACOM and ARME, and signed in January 2019, focusing on regulatory development and the regulatory framework, and on the concerted development, as appropriate, of positions within international organisations.

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