DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting Project

Created in 1992, the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (Project DVB) is a consortium of over 300 broadcasters, network operators, manufacturers and regulatory bodies in over thirty five countries, committed to designing standards for the optimal global delivery of digital television and data services. ANACOM integrates the DVB Project since 1 January 2003.

The DVB Project structure comprises a General Assembly, that meets once a year and wherefrom the members of the steering board are elected. The tasks of the latter include the setting of the overall policy direction for the DVB Project and the handling of the coordination, priority setting and management thereof. The Steering Board also approves DVB specifications and offers them for standardisation to the relevant international standards bodies.

The DVB Project is divided in four main modules, each covering a specific area of the work undertaken. The commercial module and technical module are the driving force behind the DVB projects, complemented by the intellectual property rights module and the promotion and communications module. Each module is subdivided in working groups, where the development of the DVB specifications takes place, considering the objectives defined by the modules they belong to.

The technical module is the one of most relevance as far as ANACOM is concerned, regarding the fact that the specifications for the MHPhttp://www.mhp.org/ standard are developed herein. The organization of the respective works includes the following steps: after the presentation of the requirements set down by the commercial module, according to the market needs, the technical module delivers them to the different working groups, wherein the technical specifications are created. Subsequently, these specifications are submitted for standardisation by the technical module, via the steering board, to the technical committee (comprising the JTC - EBUhttp://www.ebu.ch//ETSIhttp://www.etsi.org/index.php/CENELEChttps://www.cencenelec.eu/about-cenelec/ – or the International Telecommunications Union - ITU-Rhttp://www.itu.int/ITU-R/ and ITU-Thttp://www.itu.int/ITU-T).

Thus the DVB Project intends to build a development environment for the future, which combines the stability and interoperability of the digital broadcasting world, that is, the DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S, with the innovation and multiplicity of the Internet universe services.

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