DigiTAG - Digital Terrestrial Television Action Group

Established in 1996 as an European initiative, with the purpose of "taking television towards a digital era", the DigiTAG - Digital Terrestrial Television Action Group -, a non-profit association based in Switzerland, joins some seventy members, representative of twenty countries, European as well as from other continents, including several regulatory authorities, broadcasters and network operators. ANACOM takes part in the DigiTAG proceedings since March 2001.

According to its statutes, the DigiTAG aims especially to create, with special reference to Europe, an operational framework for the harmonious and market-driven introduction of digital terrestrial television services using the full capability of the DVB-T system; to develop an implementation reference model, in order to meet the needs of consumers in Europe; to support a non-discriminatory approach that enables an open and competitive market to developing all the relevant parts of the system including service provision, receivers and conditional access, consistent with the Directive on the use of standards for the transmission of television signals (Directive 95/47/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995); and to study and find optimal solutions to the transition scenarios for the addition of digital services into the present analogue system, and the subsequent migration towards an all-digital future.

The DigiTAG structure comprises the General Assembly, the Steering Board (Coordination Group) and two main action groups, which include several task groups.


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