Annex - Main consulted documents

/ Updated on 22.09.2003

1. Community Documents

1.1. Legislation

  • Directive 97/33/EC on interconnection in Telecommunications with regard to ensuring universal service and interoperability through application of the principles of Open Network Provision (ONP)
  • Directive 98/10/EC on the application of open network provision (ONP) to voice telephony and on universal service for telecommunications in a competitive environment
  • Directive 2002/19/EC on access to, and interconnection of, electronic communications networks and associated facilities (Access Directive)
  • Directive 2002/21/EC on a common regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services (Framework Directive)
  • Directive 2002/22/EC on universal service and users' rights relating to electronic communications networks and services (Universal Service Directive)
  • Recommendation 2003/311/EC on Relevant Product and Service Markets within the electronic communications sector susceptible to ex ante regulation in accordance with Directive 2002/21/EC

1.2. Others

- Presidency Conclusions of the Lisbon (23-24/03/00) and Santa Maria da Feira (19-20/06/00) European Councils

- 8th Report from the Commission on the Implementation of the Telecommunications Regulatory Package – European telecoms regulation and markets 2002 – COM(2002)695

2. National Documents

2.1. Legislation

- Decree-Law no. 415/98, that establishes the interconnection regime between public telecommunication networks within a framework of open and competitive markets, so as to allow the inter-operation of telecommunication services for public use, and defines the general principles applicable to numbering

  • Decree-Law no. 474/99, that approves the Regulations for the Operation of the FTS
  • Decree-Law no. 309/2001, on the Statutes of ICP – ANACOM
  • Decree-Law no. 31/2003, that amends the Basis of the Public Telecommunications Service Concession

2.2. Others

3. Remaining Documents

3.1. The Netherlands
(The information provided belongs to OPTA)

Download file Price Squeeze Consultation Document - OPTA - 09/10/00 (PDF 134 Kb)

Download file Price Squeeze Guidelines - OPTA and NMa - 28/02/01 (PDF 104 Kb)

3.2. Ireland
(The information provided belongs to ComReg)

Download file ComReg’s Decision D13/02, on CPS in Ireland 2002 (PDF 642 Kb)

Download file ComReg’s Decision D2/03, on the implementation of CPS single billing products (PDF 183 Kb) (wholesale line rental, agency rebilling and wholesale ancillary services)

Download file ComReg’s document 03/24, on pricing issues concerning the wholesale line rental (PDF 100 Kb)

3.3. Norway

- Standard Agreement on Resale of Services, etc., in the Landline Field between TDC Tele Danmark A/S and XXXXX – 01/11/00

- Resale of subscription in the fixed network – NPT – 11/11/02

3.4. United Kingdom
(The information provided belongs to OFTEL)

Download file Protecting consumers by promoting competition - Consultation on OFTEL's review of the fixed telephony market - 31/01/02 (PDF 595 Kb)

Download file Protecting consumers by promoting competition: OFTEL's conclusions - 20/07/02 (PDF 282 Kb)

Download file Promoting competition in telephone services – New ''Line and Calls'' services - A consumer guide - 10/02 (PDF 876 Kb)

Download file Wholesale Line Rental - A consultation document issued by the Director General of Telecommunications - 14/11/02 (PDF 671 Kb)

Download file Wholesale Line Rental: OFTEL's conclusions - statement - 11/03/03 (PDF 488 Kb)