Cellular management

/ Updated on 21.10.2015

Since the radio spectrum is a scarce resource, measures are applied in its management to ensure efficient use by all the public or private groups who depend on it.

These measures include:

  • use of a cellular model, which enables channel reuse, i.e., one channel used by one or several networks may also be used in an area a certain distance from the first one;
  • limitation of effective radiated power (e.r.p.) to the level required to cover the cell area (no more than 25 watts). Power levels are based on analysis of the plans submitted by the customer;
  • frequency sharing as a rule in the assignment of frequencies for private radio networks of the Land Mobile Service. Under the sharing regime, the same channel (one or two frequencies) is assigned to different users in a given area; to avoid interference and ensure balanced use, the networks are given different Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch Systems and special devices that limit communication duration and prevent one station from functioning when the other is transmitting.