/ Updated on 21.10.2015

Fees charged for use of the radio spectrum are determined based on factors which include the area of the network's coverage, the occupied bandwidth (type of network use, 1 or 2 frequencies), the quantity of channels used and number of mobile stations (category).

Any increase or reduction in the number of network mobile stations must be notified to ANACOM when resulting in the modification of the category indicated in the licence.

Notwithstanding the implications of a change of category in terms of the fee payable for use, the intention is to ensure that the number of mobile stations remains balanced, enabling successful operation of the channel by all its users.

A change in category may lead to a change of network frequencies, wherever this is necessary to maintain this balance.

For further details on the fees payable for use of the spectrum, see Fees due to ANACOMhttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?categoryId=333117.