/ Updated on 21.10.2015

Use of a radiocommunications network is subject to licensing issued by ANACOM.  Applications for licences must be submitted online, following prior registration in the reserved Area - Radio Licensing (elic) on ANACOM's website.

The information and documentation which needs to be attached to the licensing application is set out in the Radio Licensing Regulation

Where networks consist solely of mobile stations (installed in vehicles or portable), i.e. networks without fixed structure, applicants may indicate frequency bands in order of preference.

Where licensing is for networks with fixed structure, the applicant is required to submit a plan, which may vary depending on the characteristics of the network.

The network licence includes: identification of the holder, location of stations with fixed installation, technical specifications regarding the installation and operation of the stations and other indications deemed relevant for correct network usage.

The network licence covers all mobile stations included therein.

Licences are valid for 5 years, automatically renewable unless ANACOM indicates otherwise or the holder cancels the licence; this is to be communicated at least 60 days before the period of validity ends.