Licensing procedures

Temporary licences may be granted to support short-term events for a period of not more than 180 days, renewable once for the same period of time.

The period of time is counted consecutively and each event is framed in a specific licence, with payment of the respective fee.

The value of the usage fee to cover is according to the following equation:

Applicable semesterly rate  1x  (number of licence validity days/180 days)

The licence request must be submitted to ANACOM at least 10 days before the date same is meant to take effect.

In exceptional cases, ANACOM may waive that deadline.

Given the specific nature of the usage, the request for a temporary licence does not need a special form and may be submitted by normal mail, fax or email containing information about the intended network structure, place of use and licence duration.


1 The semesterly rate is defined in Administrative Rule no. 144-A/2003 of 10 February