Licensing procedures

PMR Networks from Land Mobile Service are meant for own use (by the title-holder and persons connected to or dependent on same) and also by limited groups of users (co-operatives, associations, complementary company groups, etc.).
With regard to the latter, in the previous legal framework the basic structure (base stations and fixed stations) was licensed in the name of the corporate entity, with individual licences for emission/reception equipment belonging to other individual or corporate entities linked by association or contract to the network title-holder

Decree-law no. 151-A/2000 of 20 July, which governs the current general radiocommunications regime, substantially altered the licensing procedures for networks, including those in Land Mobile Service.

According to the new norms emission/reception equipment is no longer licensed; licensing of the radiocommunications network of the basic structure?s title-holder is henceforth in effect.

Regardless of whether the equipment belongs to sharing users or associates, all the respective mobile stations are included in the title-holding entity?s radiocommunications network licence.

The fee for use of radio spectrum is solely incurred by the network licence holder, as per the category for the number of all mobile stations indicated in that document.

All matters associated with the membership, conditions of permanence or exit of sharing users or associates of a licensed network should be taken up with the licence holder?s respective management; the latter is responsible to ANACOM for operation of all the stations in the network.

Exchanges of equipment, changes of the company names of associates or sharing users, etc., also do not require ANACOM intervention.

In conclusion: mobile stations belonging to individual or corporate entities that are included in a private radiocommunications network  with the licence holder?s consent are inherently associated with the set of mobile stations whose category is listed in the respective licence; ANACOM has no direct relationshiop with the associates or users sharing the licensed networks ? all issues concerning the network should be taken up with the respective title-holder.