Quality of service

The parameters and minimum levels for service quality associated to the provision of universal service were also set and published in a Convention signed by ICP-ANACOM and the CTT ? Correios de Portugal on 21 December 2000 and valid until 31 December 2002.

The year 2002 saw approval of conclusions of the audit of the service quality indicators of the CTT ? Correios de Portugal for the year 2000, carried out by an independent entity, which concluded that the respective service quality monitoring system did not provide a reasonable basis to issue an opinion on its conformity; ICP-ANACOM determined and recommended modifications of same. On the other hand, the decision following on the audit (also in 2002 by an independent entity) of service quality indicators and the claims system of the CTT ? Correios de Portugal for 2001 was passed on to 2003.

A market studies company also surveyed perception of postal service quality, which ranked as good the services provided by the CTT ? Correios de Portugal; most respondents considered that there had been an improvement in terms of service evolution.