Widespread dissemination of information

The dissemination and consolidation of the image of the institution and activities of ICP-ANACOM is basically achieved through the production of content and accompaniment of the process related to the publication and divulgation thereof in various outside communication supports, particularly on the internet website (www.anacom.pthttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?categoryId=2958) and in the monthly newsletter Spectru.

ICP-ANACOM?s new internet website was launched on 5 February 2002 after a process of thorough renewal, of both graphic imagery and functional information architecture, with the aim of presenting new sections and informative content, including on-line services. It is a significant vehicle for communication policy, for generic and specialised information (thematic sections), where determinations with market impact approved by the ICP-ANACOM Board of Administration are published in real time, in fulfilment of its statutory obligations.

The monthly newsletter Spectru is also a fundamental tool for promoting and publicising ICP-ANACOM?s activity and major national and international regulatory-related events, and is published on paper (in Portuguese with a print run of 600) and in electronic format (in Portuguese and English) on the ICP-ANACOM website.

ICP-ANACOM?s outside relations with regard to communication have been subject to integrated action encompassing the response to specific requests of a generic or sector-related nature, in which the current ICP-ANACOM Public Attendance Service (located at the headquarters and with branches at the regional offices) plays a significant role, along with the exchange of information and experience with other national and foreign entities, the development of integrated networks involving other partners, the availability and release of documents and sector information and the production of publications, some deriving from the statutory obligations.

Regarding the media, the ICP-ANACOM website contains a press room, which concentrates all the necessary working resources, including information for media professionals, a specific address and a gallery of official images to illustrate news reports about the sector. Direct contacts are co-ordinated by the press counsellor.