NATO - North Athlantic Treaty Organization

In the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the groups responsible for spectrum issues are the spectrum management subcommittee (NATO FMSC) and the policy working group (NATO PWG).

NATO FMSC is the only committee with power to decide on civil/military spectrum management questions. Among other duties, it assures harmonisation of the spectrum needed for military uses in the context of the NATO countries and draws up, in co-ordination with the national authorities responsible for spectrum management, positions to be defended by NATO and military authorities in the ITU’s world radiocommunciations conferences, in order to safeguard military interests.

NATO PWG is a technical group subordinate to NATO FMSC, which supports and advises this committee. NATO PWG studies the topics debated on the agenda of the world radiocommunications conferences and advises NATO FMSC on the positions that best assure the defence of military interests, with support of the national authorities responsible for spectrum management. It also carries out activities aiming to create conditions for spectrum harmonisation within NATO, namely by updating the NATO Joint Civil/Military Frequency Agreement (NJFA).

The representatives of the NATO member countries, at times including the Partner Nations (countries participating in the Partnership for Peace programme), take part in the work of the two aforementioned committees.

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