ANACOM adopts new image from 8 January

From today, 8 January, ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações is adopting a new image. In a context of cutting edge innovation, ANACOM's new symbolism focuses on the future. It represents the birth of tomorrow - a future that ANACOM is facing with a bold vision and zeal for innovation, in order to engage and guide changes in a communications sector that is in a state of constant evolution.  The perfect alignment of the new symbol reflects the precision, rigour and synchronism of the regulator's activity and actions.

This reworking of the Authority's identity, introduced from Friday, is intended to give ANACOM a more modern image that is in line with the regulator's focus on innovation, in a future that is increasingly global. The regulator's new image is therefore more inspirational, of an organisation seeking each day to innovate the future, geared towards new challenges.

The new identity adopts a simpler colour scheme. Of the four previous colours, the yellow, white and grey are maintained in the new image. The yellow, gives the brand energy, intensity and a representation of Portuguese identity, the white adds luminosity and clarity, and grey, as a neutral and sober colour, emphases ANACOM's solid reputation and reflects the technological base of the market.

The lettering used has been designed exclusively for ANACOM, giving the Authority a unique personality. The use of capital letters reinforces ANACOM's soundness and competence as a regulator and, above all, increases the readability of the whole, while the rounded details instil a sense of fluidity.

Through this change, the slogan of ANACOM's brand is maintained, because ''Free flowing communication'' remains a great promise and constant source of motivation.