ANACOM enhances consumer support on its website

ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações is strengthening the support given to consumers of electronic communications, expanding and improving on the provision of information which consumers need when deciding on the services which are of most interest and when signing up to these services, enabling them to enter into contracts which offer them the best conditions. Such information is absolutely essential as a basis for free and informed consumer decision-making.

The protection of customers in their relationships with the companies of the sector remains a priority for the Regulator, which takes the view that proper access by consumers to relevant information has a fundamental role. With this objective, a new area has been created on ANACOM’s website, at www.anacom.pt, which comprehensively sets out a wide range of relevant consumer information in systematic form.

While ANACOM lacks the legal remit to intervene directly in disputes between consumers and service providers, through the provision of information, the regulator continues to seek to ensure that the conditions are in place which minimise situations which might give rise to disputes. Indeed, if the consumer has access to comprehensive and useful information and to all the information needed to make a choice of services, providers and on the most favourable contractual conditions, there are bound to be fewer situations of conflict in the future.

The new Consumer Support area of ANACOM’s website comprises a wide range of detailed information which is useful from the perspective of users and use of services.  As well as providing a large amount of new content, the new area brings together existing information from different parts of the website, which previously may not have been easy to find.

As a result, it is now possible to find information on ANACOM’s website on the types of services available and the respective access platforms; information on how to choose and contract services; the applicable quality of service parameters; useful information on billing; information on loyalty periods and cancelling services; how to switch provider; how to port your telephone number; how to make a complaint, and details on the limits of ANACOM’s remit with respect to consumer complaints.

Initially, the information will be limited to electronic communication services, but in the near future, this drive to provide consumers with the comprehensive and clear information they need will be expanded to include postal services.