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ICP-ANACOM has sought to maintain and consolidate a corporate image that conveys credibility and seriousness, but which is also dynamic and current, highlighting the interventionist nature of its activity and concern for consumer interests.

The corporate image chosen for 2007 is reflected in an identifying graphic image common to all publications and media, which will remain in place until 2009. Key elements of corporate image include ICP-ANACOM's logo and the tagline ''Free Flowing Communication'', affirming the role of the institution as a guarantor and promoter of transparent and effective communication.

ICP-ANACOM released several publications in 2008, some of which were statutorily required, as well as information pieces and institutional promotions, mainly connected to events of sectoral relevance or the allocation of sponsorship and other support, including advertising inserts.

Continuous priority is given to the relationship with national authorities with sectoral relevance through the establishment of partnerships. Internationally, this relationship is reflected, in particular, in the organization of meetings of working groups of organizations in which ICP-ANACOM participates.

  • Publications

2008 saw the publication of the Annual Report and Accounts, Regulation Report and the Communications Situation Report, all with respect to 2007. While the first was published, as usual, in both English and Portuguese, the other two reports were published, in their paper version, in Portuguese only, but provided in both Portuguese and English in the electronic versions available on the website of this Authority. 2008 also saw the launch of the 2nd edition of the Communications Sector in Portugal Yearbook (bilingual version - Portuguese and English).

Meanwhile, this Authority published, in electronic format only, the 2007 Activities Report and the Strategic Plan 2009-2011, both in Portuguese and English.

In the context of technical publications, note should be made of the release, in electronic format only, of the following titles:

- National Frequency Allocation Plan 2008 (QNAF 2008);

- The study 'Comparisons of prices of providers of the universal postal service in the European Union';

- GSM / UMTS Mobile Communications Systems - Evaluation of QoS of SMS and MMS;

- GSM / UMTS Mobile Communications Systems - Evaluation of the QoS of the voice service, supported through GSM technology vs. GSM/UMTS Automatic Selection, in Greater Lisbon, Greater Porto and the main Lisbon-Porto road;

- Assessment of Quality GSM/UMTS Mobile Networks and Services in major urban areas and along the main roads of Mainland Portugal;

- Assessment of Quality of GSM/UMTS Mobile Networks and Services on the Alfa Pendular Service of CP (Portuguese Railways);

- Evaluation of the Internet Access Service;

- GSM / UMTS Mobile Networks and Services - Evaluation of the QoS of the Voice Service, Video telephony and network coverage - Azores and Madeira;

- Implementation of the Regulation on international roaming - Results of Portugal versus the overall results of the European Union - April 2007 / March 2008;

- Network of Postal Establishments of CTT - first half of 2008.

  • Events and Meetings

ICP-ANACOM held, on 18 September 2008, in Lisbon, the second international conference with the theme ''Universal Service'', which brought together 271 participants, including policy makers, academics, representatives of operators and sector bodies, members of international organizations and other regulatory authorities.

The purpose of this conference was to promote constructive debate on the major issues raised by the universal service in the communications sector, in view of the current challenges of a dynamic society marked by the rhythm of technological evolution and of the markets and of the changing need and guarantees of users of communication services. Proceedings focused on the dual reality of the communications sector, covering the debate underway in the context of the reform of the regulatory framework for electronic communications, launched in November 2007, as well as the liberalization of the postal market, due in 2011. Therefore attention was given to the scope, quality, price, form of provision and financing of the US, as well as its relationship with competition in the communication markets and user protection.

ICP-ANACOM also organized the 2nd Congress of the Portuguese Committee of URSI, on ''Electromagnetic Compatibility and New Radiocommunications Services.'' This Congress, held on 20 and 21 November 2008, was preceded by an invitation to academia to present proposals for works in areas related to the respective theme (call for papers). In parallel a technical display was put on with the participation of nine exhibitors.

In October 2008, the workshop ''Standardisation - Development of Cable Infrastructure in Buildings'', an event that aimed not only to fulfil a statutory objective of this authority - the promotion of technical standardization in the communications sector and related fields -, but also at the promotion of debate on the activity of standardization, in addition to encouraging the adoption of European and international standards.

The ''ANACOM Seminars'' initiative continued through 2008, with the objective of promoting knowledge, discussion and debate around several themes of importance to the sector, with the presentation and discussion of works or academic projects by national and foreign authors. Seven seminars were organized around the following themes:

- Study on the identification and characterisation of radio frequency digital signals;

- The broadband efficiency index: what really drives broadband adoption across the OECD?;

- Study on the corporate consumption of postal services;

- An empirical analysis of fixed and mobile broadband diffusion;

- Study of the impact of non-linear distortion on the management of the radio spectrum;

- Bandwidth driven growth: policy essentials for next generation development;

- Crowding out or complementarily in the telecommunications market.

At the seminar held in July, a presentation was made of the ''Study on the Corporate Consumption of Postal Services'', conducted by KPMG Advisory for this Authority. The main objectives of this study were: to characterize the corporate consumers in terms of demand for postal services and to characterize the B2B and B2C corporate postal markets, assess perceived quality and levels of satisfaction of business consumers and assess the behaviour of senders in the light of the development/implementation of the liberalization process.

In addition, five seminars were organized, covering the national territory, on issues related to the regime of telecommunications infrastructures in buildings (ITED), in terms of training and best practices, with a view to promoting best practice in the application of this technical standard.

In 2008, twenty-eight meetings of technical groups of international organizations were held in Portugal, as part of ICP-ANACOM's remit to provide representation of the communications sector, as in the case of the Independent Regulators Group (IRG), the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) and the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

Preparations were also begun for the organization of the 4th World Telecommunication Policy Forum - WTPF-09) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which will be held in Portugal in the Lisbon Congress Centre, from 22 to 24 April 2009.

  • Sponsorship and Publicity

ICP-ANACOM sponsors various initiatives with relevance to the objectives of its regulatory activity and to the communication sector, promoting their development, the disclosure of information and the debate on key issues, as well as scientific research and training.
Over the course of 2008, 33 sponsorships were granted, the majority corresponding to events, with a smaller number granted with respect to other types of actions such as competitions, courses and publications. Particular note should be made of projects promoted by educational institutions and entities representing the sector, as well as of other bodies with relevant activities within the communications sector. With respect to the themes covered through the sponsored initiatives, most related to electronic communications and the information society.

In this context, partnerships were maintained through sponsorship and cooperation protocols, with bodies contributing to the research and production of studies on the sector, such as Instituto Jurídico da Comunicação (IJC) and Centro de Estudos de Direito Público e Regulação (CEDIPRE).

The project ''TIC Pediátrica'' (Paediatric ICT) of FDTI - Fundação para a Divulgação das Tecnologias de Informação, supported by ICP-ANACOM since its inception, was also followed throughout 2008, particularly with regard to the implementation of the 3rd phase of the project, launched on 24 October 2008, in connection with the following paediatric hospitals: Hospital de Bragança, Hospital Amato Lusitano, in Castelo Branco and Centro Hospitalar Cova da Beira, in Covilhã.

This project aims to equip the units of paediatric hospitals with the technological infrastructure which enable hospitalized children to enjoy moments of leisure, to keep up with family and friends and stay in contact with school. Accordingly, it is directed not only at hospitalized children and hospital technicians and volunteers, but also at the families of these children, assuming also an educational component.

The partnership continued between ICP-ANACOM and APDC - Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento das Comunicações (Portuguese Communications Development Association), which has existed since 2003.

In the context of participation in Agência Municipal de Energia and Ambiente Lisboa E-Nova, ICP-ANACOM followed up on the sponsorship granted in July 2007 to the project ''Reabilitação Sustentável para Lisboa'' (Sustainable Rehabilitation for Lisbon) promoted by the Lisboa E-Nova in partnership with Lisbon Municipal Council, aiming at the promotion and implementation of actions that could improve energy-environmental performance in buildings to be renovated by the Council. The participation of ICP-ANACOM has the aim of including sectoral aspects of the project, ensuring that the rules related to ITED (telecommunications infrastructure in buildings) are included.

In terms of publicity, around 70 proposals were assessed, with ICP-ANACOM taking an advertising presence in a number of newspapers, directories and magazines.

  • Institutional Partnerships

ICP-ANACOM maintained institutional partnerships with national authorities with sector relevance, promoting the communications sector.

In this context, note should be made of this Authority's activity with respect to Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (Portuguese Communications Foundation), which involves the direct accompaniment of the activity of the bodies in which it is represented, in addition to its presence in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Communications, specifically through the maintenance the ''Espaço ANACOM'' (ANACOM Space). ICP-ANACOM also sits on the jury of the ''Prémio FPC'' competition.

In partnership with CTT - Correios de Portugal, ICP-ANACOM organised the 2008 edition of the letter writing competition, aimed at young people residing in Portugal, between the ages of 9 and 15, and on the theme of ''Explain why the world needs tolerance''. The winning letter, written by Mónica Albino from Funchal, Madeira, was translated and forwarded to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to represent Portugal in the international letter writing competition promoted by this organization and was awarded a bronze medal for coming in third place. The prizes were awarded as part of the celebrations of World Post Day, on 9th October, at the FPC. Meanwhile, the 2009 edition of the letter competition was launched under the theme ''Explain how decent working conditions can lead to a better life''.

The institutional relationship with Associação de Promoção do Multimédia em Portugal (APMP - Association for Promotion of Multimedia in Portugal) was maintained, leading to the release of a newsletter of relevant information on the activities of ICP-ANACOM. As part of the partnership with Obercom - Observatório da Comunicação (Observatory for the Media) contacts were maintained with the aim of taking future opportunities of mutual interest.

Mention should also be made of the award, in November 2008, of sponsorship to ACIST - Business Association of Telecommunications for the XII National Meeting of Small and Medium-sized Companies of the Communications Sector.