Radioelectric licensing - electronic media

By determination of 10 February 2010, ANACOM has approved the final decision on the provision and use of electronic media in procedures which involve communication between this Authority and radio network or station licensees.

This decision governs the form in which such media is to be used and the corresponding information formats.

Consequently, in a first phase, radio licence holders or applicants should preferably use email - using the following address: 1 to communicate with ANACOM with respect to the radio licensing of radiocommunication networks and stations. Meanwhile, licence holders and applicants will need to notify ANACOM of their e-mail addresses, while ensuring the proper use of the addresses involved.

In a second phase, to be concluded by the end of the third quarter of 2010, a specific Web channel will be made available on this Authority's website which will make it possible to initiate radiocommunication network and station radio licensing processes.

The third phase, to be concluded by the end of 2011, will include the provision of a platform integrating applications (of ICP-ANACOM and of radioelectric licence holders and applicants), enabling process consultation functions and others features in the area of spectrum management, including the indication of channels occupied in a given frequency band, as well as information about restrictions on free channels.

Electronic documentation to be transmitted between ANACOM and radio network or station licence holders or applicants should be presented in the following formats: PDF (in accordance with standard ISO 32000); where agreed, spreadsheet and word processor documents may be transmitted in formats compatible with the process in accordance with Standards ISO 26300 and ISO 29500, XML (for the exchange of information between applicational platforms).

Approval was likewise given to the report of the public consultation procedure to which the draft decision of 23 December 2009 was submitted. The following entities responded to this consultation: Grupo Portugal Telecom (incorporating the common position of Portugal Telecom SGPS, PT Comunicações, S.A., PT Prime, S.A. and TMN, S.A.), Onitelecom, S.A. and Sonaecom, S.A..

1 Each email may contain one or more files provided that the combined size of the files does not exceed 10 megabytes. If necessary, comments may be split between two or more emails.