Consultation within the scope of postal services

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações ( ANACOM ) has recently launched a consultation from several entities relating to unfolding the objectives of growth of the public postal network and those of the offering the least services of technical characteristics and advanced resources on the scope of the services granted to CTT ? Correios de Portugal, S.A. (CTT).

The main consumer associations, the Portuguese National City Council Association, Parish National Association, National Secretariate for the Rehabilitation and Integration of People with Deficiencies, as well as corporate associations and postal services providers were consulted within this scope

The contribution resulting from that consultation, concerning mainly the availability of the public postal network and the various indicators to be agreed upon between ANACOM and CTT shall be taken into account when working up an agreement to be celebrated by both parties, as stipulated by clause 15th of the Universal Postal Service Concession Contract.

The interested parties? commentaries were expressed in writing and addressed  to ANACOM until 30 April 2003.  The answers received will be made available to the public in this site and the elements of confidential nature shall be clearly identified.