Agreement ANACOM-CTT - ANACOM casts audition on public postal network

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), has recently launched an audition period intended to verify the users' understanding on the objectives of the expansion for the public postal network and the offering to the market of the concessionaire of universal service, CTT.

As a result of the contributions received, a Agreement between ANACOM and CTT shall be established, and will determine for each binding year the objectives of the expansion for public postal network and the minimum services offer, as well as its technical characteristics and the resources to be applied on services rendered by the concessionaire.
The audition began at 26 March until 30 April 2003. The interested parties' contributions were expressed in writing and addressed to ANACOM, which will be made available afterwards to the general public.

Based on this audition, a document has been made available for consultation on Internet at ANACOM's site address Audition on the agreement of objectives for development of the public postal network and the offering of minimum services This document characterizes the postal service provided by CTT, framing it according to the rules on criteria of service quality, utilization and penetration of service, accessibility of the public postal network and provided services, prices and financial results.

The purpose of this document is to understand the needs of the economical agents and the population. For that reason four questions are drawn up, which intend to inquire on efficiency of infra-structures regarding the reception of mail for the population, including citizens with special needs; about the need to subject those infra-structures to objectives regarding its geographic dispersion and the population density of the country; about the efficiency of the ANACOM's proposed indicators; and, last, about territorial unity which should be taken into account when defining the objectives.