Questionnaire on the characterisation of action in the combat of spam

ANACOM  intends to drive actions in the combat of unsolicited communications (spam), in cooperation with the other entities with interest in this issue. The Internet service providers (ISP) and email service providers (ESP) are fully recognised as being key in the combat of spam.

Taking on a constructive attitude and given that action depends, first and foremost, on understanding the current situation, ANACOM has decided to launch a questionnaire with the objective of making diagnosis in respect of the combat of spam. Therefore, the ISPs and ESPs are invited to respond to the present survey, by email to, by 16 June 2008.

The completed questionnaire may also be sent in paper form to:

GSC - Gabinete de Segurança das Comunicações
Avenida José Malhoa, n.º 12
1099-017 Lisboa

Any queries should be addressed to the contacts above.

The information compiled in this respect may be published by ANACOM, and therefore any information considered confidential should be clearly marked as such.


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