Quality of the mobile service - protocol between CP and operators

On Saturday 17 May, a protocol was signed in Lisbon between the three mobile operators - TMN, Vodafone and Sonaecom  (Optimus) - and CP  - Caminhos de Ferro de Portugal (Portuguese Railways), with the objective of improving the quality of the service of mobile communications (voice and internet) on Alfa Pendular  trains.

The protocol determines an investment, by the three companies, to the order of one million euros and the installation of a set of GSM and UMTS signal repeaters in all the carriages, the maintenance of which will remain the responsibility of the mobile operators, with CP responsible for supplying space and energy needed for their operation.

This initiative is the culmination of a negotiation process, led by ANACOM, that began in 2005 following the results of studies into the quality of the land mobile service (LMS) carried out by this Authority, which identified significant shortcomings in the service provided by the mobile operators on the ALFA Pendular of CP.

The signing ceremony, which was held in Lisbon's Santa Apolónia station at 11am, was attended by the chairmen of the signatory companies, along with José Amado da Silva, chairman of ANACOM, Mário Lino, Minister for Public Works, Transport and Communications, Paulo Campos, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Works and Communications, and Secretary of State for Transport, Ana Paula Vitorino.

In the meantime, on the same day, ANACOM released the most recent studies evaluating the quality of the GSM/UMTS mobile networks and services:

  • Main urban conurbations and main roads of Mainland Portugal, carried out from 18 September to 19 October 2007;
  • Alfa Pendular service of CP, Braga-Porto-Lisbon-Faro line, carried out from 18 February to 11 March 2008.

In a speech made on the occasion, Mário Lino, Minister for Public Works, Transport and Communications, also announced the alteration, in the near future, of the fee model for the use of the radio spectrum, with the corresponding proposal being submitted forthwith for the appraisal of the Advisory Council of ANACOM.

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