Communication security

On this subject, note should be made of the public consultation held between 21 October and 2 December 2008 on the Regulation of 112L - The provision to authorities responsible for emergency services of information concerning the location of persons calling the single European emergency number 112 1.

This Regulation establishes solutions in the current regulatory framework which enabled the implementation of caller location in 2007, and also enables ICP-ANACOM to promote, through a dynamic process and by listening to stakeholders, the adoption of better and more effective location solutions where technically possible and where beneficial to the authorities responsible for providing emergency services.

In the same context, note should also be made of ICP-ANACOM's participation in the reorganization process of the 112 operation model, pursuant to Resolution of the Council of Ministers no 164/2007 of 20 September.

1 It is noted that this Regulation was approved by determination of ICP-ANACOM in 2009, on 4 February.